North Central Talk Radio Stations

KVOR 1300 - Colorado Springs CO: Quality talk.
KCNZ 1650 - Cedar Falls IA: The best talk radio line-up in the area.
KMCD 1570 - Fairfield IA: The best local and national personalities and shows.
WBIG 1280 - Aurora IL: The Big One!
WRMN 1410 - Elgin IL: News and Talk radio from the Fox Valley.
WKEI 1450 - Kewanee IL: A locally produced news/talk format targeted to adults 35 and over.
WTAZ 1350 - Peoria IL: News, talk and sports.
WTIM 97.3 - Taylorville IL: Extensive local news and sports coverage all day, every day.
WHBU 1240 - Daleville IN: Sports/Talk.
WDOW 1440 - Dowagiac MI
WMPL 920 - Hancock MI: Live Michigan Tech University Huskies Hockey.
WMPL 93.5 - Hancock MI: Radio that's the talk of the town!
WSGW 790 - Saginaw MI: 24-hour news and talk shows. Monday through Friday listeners can enjoy great programming such as "America in the Morning" with Jim Bohannon and "Coast to Coast" with Mike Siegel.
KDLM 1340 - Detroit Lakes MN: News, information, and sports with a good variety of adult contemporary music.
KDAL 610 - Duluth MN: The information station airs news and talk plus coverage of the Minnesota Twins, Vikings and Timberwolves.
WEBC 560 - Duluth MN: The exclusive news/talk station in the Twin Ports and offers America's leading radio personalities, as well as regional and local favorites. Also the voice of NASCAR racing, and the IFL's Duluth Superior Lumberjacks.
KDKD - Clinton, MO: News/Talk/Sports Radio
WWJC 850 - Duluth MN: Christian information.
KDKD 1280 - Clinton MO: Country station.
KCXL - Liberty MO: News, information and entertainment needs of smart "Baby Boomers."
KFGO 790 - Fargo ND: The best news and talk radio in the Red River Valley.
KVOX 1280 - Fargo ND
KZLT 104.3 - Grand Forks ND: Live University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux Hockey and great rock and roll!
KODI 1400 - Cody WY: News and information station.

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