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Roger Fredinburg. Radio's Regular Guy... No Ivy League pedigree. No pin-striped advisers. No verbal affectations. Roger Fredinburg remains, through several years of dynamic growth in syndicated talk radio, as "regular" as the day he first met the microphone. LISTEN NOW TO ROGER FREDINBURG at

Every night Roger Fredinburg shares the richly textured stories of his life and his buddies' lives, and the events that have served to galvanize a point of view that keeps audiences in over 200 markets tuning in every night for more from "the Regular Guy."

Listeners look forward to every last detail of Roger Fredinburg's colorful stories, especially tales from all the different jobs he's had. From shoeshine boy in his Dad's barber shop, to gas station attendant, to mill worker, to used car salesman, Roger Fredinburg's credentials read like a mimeographed flyer you'd find stuffed under your windshield wiper. Unlike most talk hosts, Roger Fredinburg remains proud of his humble beginnings and he frequently uses each unimpressive reference to illustrate his populist points of view. With both open line segments and guest interviews, Roger Fredinburg is great with the special breed of callers this unique host cultivates. They trust him. They listen closely. They catch hints of something great stirring in the Regular Guy, such as his past political aspirations, and brief stints in the corporate world. They jam the lines every night.

In addition to Roger Fredinburg's trademark monologues, he books a wide variety of special guests who serve to broaden the show and draw out more of the many complex facets of the host. The Regular Guy goes out of his way to find guests who are typically "not on the circuit." Although current events and politics are popular subjects, you'll hear Roger Fredinburg mixing it up with muck-rakers who've developed interesting rantings on nutrition and social issues, as well as other "regular" folks who've encountered extraordinary events or circumstances in their lives.

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