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Ken Minyard and Rick Minyard. Ken Minyard is a Bobby Kennedy Liberal who for more than 15 years was the top morning drivetime superstar in Los Angeles. His son Rick Minyard is an equally passionate Libertarian- Conservative and veteran morning drive-time superstar in N. California. Sparks fly as they bring eye-opening, morning-like sizzle to both sides of issues on the home-ward side of weekdays. LISTEN NOW TO KEN AND RICK MINYARD at

On his way to setting a record as host of the longest-running #1 rated show on L.A. radio, Ken Minyard got his start in broadcasting at age 13 spinning records in 'Little Dixie,' coal-mining McAlester, Oklahoma. His talent hosting talk shows on a Northern California station won him a job in Minneapolis in 1967. "I was very successful, but a competitor on another station found a way to beat me," laughs Ken. "He sent a tape of my show to KABC in Los Angeles." In 1969 Ken Minyard became a fixture on L.A.'s top talk station, becoming its morning star in March 1973.

Rick Minyard at first seemed destined to be a star in football, not radio. As starting quarterback for California State University Northridge, he caught the eye of pro scouts by directing the third most successful total offense in the country. A free agent deal with the then-Los Angeles Rams was reached. "The Rams asked if I'd try playing free safety," says Rick. "I should have said, 'No, I want to succeed or fail at what I really want to be: a quarterback.' I didn't make the cut as a free safety...and probably would have hated my life if I had. I learned from that to be true to myself."

Rick Minyard grew up helping with his dad's radio show, but in 1984 he began carrying the ball for another idealist, conservative Republican U.S. Senate candidate Bruce Hershensohn. In 1995 he became a talk host at KFIV, Modesto, soon becoming its lead-in to Rush Limbaugh. Going head to head and heart to heart, Ken and Rick Minyard create a family circle where listeners can talk with, not past, one another about news, issues and ideas. Light up your listener numbers with Minyard & Minyard.

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