trn saturday night with jim watkins


TRN Saturday Night with Jim Watkins. "TRN Saturday Night" is a late-night forum that allows people to call in and share all those wild and weird experiences in their lives in a fun upbeat format with the rest of the wild and weird world. "Long before the Internet, talk radio was the original chat room of America," says Jim Watkins the host of "TRN Saturday Night." On his LIVE show, lively conversation achieves intimacy far deeper than mere sex or sensation. Jim Watkins is a radio geologist who digs down into our common bedrock of humanity every Saturday night -- and finds those golden deposits of love and excitement that is of interest to us all. LISTEN NOW TO TRN SATURDAY NIGHT at

What grabs you by the ears and makes you listen? It's dramatic human stories that open our eyes and touch our hearts. "One woman caller revealed how she tried to trick her husband into loving her more by pretending to have an affair with her boss," says Jim Watkins. "But in the process she fell into actually having that affair, leaving her husband, Marrying the boss, and living happily ever after." Such peek-through-the-keyhole, deeply personal details of other peoples' life-changing experiences is what "TRN Saturday Night" is all about. Always fascinated by what makes people tick, Jim is the son of the marketing wizard who created the famous round, yellow "Happy Face" (originally drawn by Jim's seven year old sister and among his family treasures today). His great grandfather, according to family stories, invented the first two-way mirror -- a mirror from one side, a window from the other. Jim Watkins has a gift for getting callers to reveal themselves with riveting details, to share the moments and insights that transformed their lives. No wonder listeners get deeply attached to his show.

Fascinated by people and their life stories, Jim Watkins traveled America as a cross-country truck driver; taught school in Juneau, Alaska; and aspired to become an actor. A friend persuaded the Los Angeles native to try Broadcasting School, and shortly thereafter Jim Watkins won a job as morning DJ at a country music station in suburban Houston, Texas. Soon this father of three was working at radio stations along California's Gold Coast, from San Diego to Santa Barbara, at whose biggest station Jim Watkins became both a talk show host and Program Director.

By sharing the wild and weird experiences of others, listeners discover new wellsprings of passion, knowledge, and self-revealing humor from within. Complete your week by indulging in a peek into the psyche of others on "TRN Saturday Night."

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