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Jeff Rense hosts Sightings. Fantastic but factual. You hear lots of amazing things on the radio nowadays, but what and who can you believe? More than four million people every month exploring the farther shores of ideas trust Jeff Rense for reliable information. Jeff is a veteran journalist, not a showman. Digging out hot stories and interviewing guests ignored by mainstream media, is his passion. If "the truth is out there," Jeff will find it. If it is not out there, Jeff will honestly report that too. LISTEN NOW TO JEFF RENSE HOST SIGHTINGS at

Do parents need to know that a single tube of toothpaste contains enough fluoride, if swallowed at once, to kill a young child? Could terrorist viruses already be infecting us? Are extra-terrestrials visiting Earth? Are millions of women being subjected to a life-threatening and unnecessary medical procedure? What amazing scientific research and secret weapons development is going on in the world? Each month, Jeff reports on a vast range of topics and turns a skeptical journalist's magnifying glass on 40 to 50 intriguing guests rarely interviewed elsewhere. And he does it with a vivid style that zeroes in on key details, painting word pictures that make The Jeff Rense Show an ear-opening, eye-opening, mind-opening radio show listeners not only hear but also see, feel, trust, crave, and love. The program spawned a website reaching more than 4 million visitors per month which serves as homebase for Jeff's world of intrigue, mystery and information.

During 12 years as an award-winning broadcast journalist, Jeff anchored and produced more than 5,000 television newscasts. This devoted single dad is also author of the book AIDS Exposed and passionately investigates ways to prevent diseases and extend life. His brother is Rip Rense, longtime reporter for the Los Angeles Times. Jeff first did radio while an education major at the University of California Santa Barbara, and in 1994 he returned to this first love with the talk radio show "End of the Line." In 1997, by agreement with Henry ("the Fonz") Winkler and Paramount Pictures, this show transformed into the ratings star "Sightings." Now fully his own, unique production, The Jeff Rense Show shines even brighter than before.

Jeff is now one of the top four American radio shows tuned in by worldwide web listeners. Fantastic but factual, fantastic and fascinating, The Jeff Rense Show lets newstalk and talk stations take their listeners to the farthest edge of solid knowledge -- without plunging off a cliff into nonsense or sacrificing station credibility. Your listeners will love this show that lifts their heads to the stars while keeping their feet reliably on the ground.

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